About SCI Racing

Racing is an important part of the Ski Club of Ireland. We have an active race group, which competes at home and abroad and have represented Ireland at internationally recognised events.

We train our young athletes from the age of 8 years in our ‘Minis Group’. These move up to our ‘Development Squad’ at age 11 where they continue their race training with a view to progressing to a level whereby they can participate in international competition.

Club League Races are held once a month throughout the Ski Club’s season (September to April). All club members are welcome. Anyone who can snow plough and come safely down the main slope  can participate.

The Club also hosts the Irish Open Artificial Slope Ski Championships every autumn, which for many years has been a very popular event among top Irish and British dry slope ski racers. For more information email racing@skiclub.ie

How to Join

All prospective trainees must undergo an assessment before being accepted into a race training program. As part of the assessment all prospective trainees will be required to demonstrate good ability to carve slalom turns at speed from the top of the slope. In addition they must be comfortable performing drills at speed and exhibit good balance and co-ordination.

To join one of our race training groups or programmes contact us at racing@skiclub.ie to arrange for an assessment by one of our coaches at one of our training sessions. Once you’ve completed the assessment and if suitable and you’d like to join then we’ll sign you as part of the squad.

Training takes place over 3 terms per year: September to December, January to April, May to August. Race training fees of €110 per child is also payable per term. For families with more than one child in the squad, term fees reduce to €100 for the second child and €90 for the third.

TRY OUT & SIGN UP! Race training is only open to full members of the Ski Club of Ireland, so come and try it and if you like it call the office to join on 01 295 2658

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