Race Squad

The Race Squad caters for children aged 11 years and up who want to further develop their racing skills and are interested in committing to an intensive training program.

In our ski training sessions racers work towards more complex aspects of skiing such as weight distribution in the turn, loading the ski, hip and knee angulation, etc. but can include some basic exercises where necessary. In addition a large amount of time is spent working in slalom courses.

Along with ski training we run a fitness training programme which comprises activities such as dynamic warm-ups, anaerobic fitness, and speed training. Our traineers also undergo regular fitness testing.

Race training is only open to Ski Club Season Ticket Holders (Full Members) and all prospective trainees will be required to commit to the fitness training and fitness testing. For more information please call our office on 01 295 5658 on email racing@skiclub.ie

Squad training is on Sunday mornings and starts at 8.30am sharp – on the slope for 9.00am.

For League Race weekends, training takes place on Saturday mornings at 10.00am (on the slope!)

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